Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of AOCA has been inspired by principles of guarantee to conformity to the methods of organic production and processing practices of organic products as defined in the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP).


AOCA pursues the following general objectives:

  • Providing working conditions in such a way that the policies of the organization are understood at all the levels through training and updating of information so that each person shall carry out his/her duty correctly.
  • Providing satisfaction to the registered operators by being efficient, impartial, objective, independent and confidential in carrying out the service.
  • Providing guarantee of professionalism, reliability and independence and impartiality to the customers through an efficient Inspection and Certification System.
  • Ensuring documentation of all activities of personnel involved in Certification System by avoiding conflict of interest pertaining to their activity and in relation to the operator.
  • Ensuring steady improvement of the Quality System through periodic reviews

In order to achieve these objectives, AOCA shall undertake training and motivation activities of its staff at all levels.